WHO Begs USA For Nearly $1 Billion Dollars

The World Health Organization, WHO, is in financial trouble.

Now it is asking the United States for 900-million-dollars to fund the WHO response to the coronavirus pandemic.

That’s double what the United States had already been giving to the WHO annually.

China contributes 45 million dollars annually to the WHO.

The Director-General of the W-H-O says his approach to the pandemic includes providing technical advice, mobilizing resources, and coordinating logistics.

The organization recently updated its plan and estimated the cost to be much higher than it had originally assessed.

Although the U.S. had already pledged hundreds of millions, the W-H-O says it’s not enough to fund the global response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The demand comes after President Trump has been threatening to withdraw American funding from the organization altogether.  The President has been critical of the small amount China contributes to the WHO, and has made no secret he is unhappy with the lack the action taken by China and the WHO when the coronavirus started in Wuhan China in December 2019.


Photo by Alpha Media USA Portland OR

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