Where Have All The CA Teachers Gone?

With Covid cases mounting around California, Governor Gavin Newsom is trying to streamline the process to get more teachers into classrooms.


Government lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic kept students and teachers out of schools for more than one year.


The stress of teaching virtually prompted many teachers who were close to retirement, to call it quits.


Now schools are getting back to work…in the classrooms.


But a surge in Covid cases among teachers and students, and now California finds itself with a teacher shortage.


So Governor Newsom wants student teachers to step in.


He wants people who are not teachers to come  and work as substitute teachers.


He is calling on retired teachers to ditch retirement and return to the stress and constant uncertainty of classroom teaching during the now 2 year old Covid-19 pandemic.


Portrait of elementary school kids and their teacher in a school corridor.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR