Waiting For Riverside County To Post New Dates & Times For Covid-19 Vaccinations

Covid-19 Vaccine Info as of 9 a-m on Mon Feb 22nd 2021


All the appts are taken, to get the Covid 19 vaccine at the Palm Springs Convention Center.  There are no more appts for Monday Feb 22nd, Tues Feb 23rd or Weds Feb 24th.


There are no more days posted for the rest of the week.




There are no more Covid-19 vaccine appts at the County Fairgrounds in Indio for Tuesday Feb 23rd, which is the only day listed for the week of Feb 22nd 2021.


All the appts at San Gorgonio Middle School is Beaumont are taken on Mon Feb 22nd which is the only day listed for the week.


The Riverside County website says more appts are coming soon, but there are  no specifics as to when.



There are no Covid 19 vaccine appts available at area Albertson’s Stores, or Costco Stores, or Ralph’s Stores.


Stay up to date with vaccination information at the Riverside County website, www.rivcoph.org/Covid-19-vaccine.


If  you are 65 or older, you can call 2-1-, or 951-329-4703



Two hands wearing blue latex medical gloves, inserting a vaccine needle into a patient’s arm.

Photo from Alpha Media USA Portland OR