Virtual Job Fair For Veterans

The Workforce Development Center, Rancho Mirage Chamber, Business Recovery Alliance and more are partnering by hosting a Virtual Veteran Job Fair on February 23rd.

We are currently marketing to the business and job seeker communities.

The Workforce Development Center has many business services to include the business incentive program,  On-the Job (OJT) Training.  If you have a candidate in mind, but they require some training the OJT program can assist by reimbursing half their wages for the first 480 hours.  If you would like to learn more about this program please contact Manuel Rocha at (760)863-2503.  We currently have Veteran specific funding that can be used for OJT contracts.   We also have funding for non-Veterans.  WIOA eligibility is required prior to start date.

Here is the link to register for the job fair as an employer:
Employer Registration-

This is a link to a training video on how you can register and set up your booth (VERY user friendly!)

Job Seeker Registration–

Here is a job seeker training video

A virtual preparation workshop will be hosted on Friday Feb 19th 2021 for job seekers who are not familiar with navigating virtual jobs fairs (the platform is VERY user friendly).  Additional helpful resume and interview tips will also be provided.  Once candidates register for the event we will send out a link offering the preparation workshop.

Rancho Mirage Chamber is proud to continue to work on economic development, recovery and NEW Veteran Owned Business programs which include specialty pricing, listings, promotions and more.


Woman and man in front of a computer screen .

Photo from Alpha Media USA Portland OR