Trash Bill Overdue? It’s Headed To Your Property Tax Bill

The delinquent trash collection bills of more than 7-hundred residents will soon be headed to the Riverside County Auditor to be placed on the property tax bills of those residents.

There is still time, until June 10th 2022, for people who owe money to Palm Springs Disposal, to pay their bill.

On June 30th 2022, a final list of  whoever has not paid their trash collection bill, will be sent to the County.

How much money are we talking about? Roughly 4-hundred-thousand dollars.

Whatever money is collected by the County will be sent to the City.  The City will keep 10% of it to cover the cost of compiling the list of deliquents.  The rest goes to Palm Springs Disposal Services.



Trash bin and full trash bag

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR