Totem Poles Made Out Of…

Photo Credit: Nancy Newcomer

Yesterday I went to the Palm Springs Art Museum for the very first time.  Although it’s much smaller than big city art collections, there were plenty of provocative pieces.  As part of the “Unsettled: Art On the New Frontier” Exhibition, I was drawn to these Totem Poles created by artist Brian Jungen. If you take a closer look, you can see that they’re made entirely from golf bags!  Pretty incredible construction and concept.

Unsettled runs through April 30th.

Photo Credit: Nancy Newcomer


The exhibition’s fertile terrain is a “super region” that runs from the top of Alaska, through the North American West, and all the way down to Central America, and the work created here explores the geography of vast frontiers, rich natural resources, diverse indigenous peoples, and the inevitable conflicts that arise when these factors coexist.



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