Time To Clear The Shelters; Plenty Of Pets Up For Adoption

Throughout the month of August, Riverside County Animal Shelters are offering free adoptions, as part of the nationwide Clear The Shelters campaign.


Currently, the county animal campus in Thousand Palms has 140 dogs and 115 cats up for adoption.


The shelter in Jurupa Valley has to find homes for 479 dogs, 278 cats, 21 birds and 32 other animals like livestock and guinea pigs.


Currently, the County cannot spay and neuter all the animals it has, as those procedures are booked several weeks out.


If you adopt a pet from a County Shelter, you would have to leave a 75 dollar deposit, which would be returned to you when you get your pet spayed or neutered.


Find all the animals at www.rcdas.org.


Call the Coachella Valley Animal Campus in Thousand Palms.



New pet owners adopting a dog from the Riverside County Animal Shelter.

Photo from Riverside County Animal Services Department