IRS Still Blaming Covid-19 Pandemic For Tax Return Backlog & Delayed Refunds; Deadline: April 18th 2022

It’s tax filing season and the IRS is telling everyone to expect delays in getting your refund, if you are due for a refund.

Also, read up, as there are myriad changes on the 2021 tax forms. If you want a refund quickly, you may be asking for too much, but the fastest way to get your tax return filed, is to file electronically and as soon as possible.

That’s fine and dandy for people who have computers. For those who don’t, grab a pencil and a paper tax form, and be prepared to wait months for your return.

The IRS says it faces significant backlogs from last year, because of the pandemic.

In addition, even though there might be delays in refunds, taxes are due April 18th 2022 and IRS officials say there are no current plans to extend the deadline like last year.


Tax return check on 1040 form background. Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR