Summer Of Sizzling Gasoline Prices Ahead; CA Still Talking About Rebate Checks

You won’t be getting any relief from high gasoline and food prices in California in the Summer of 2022.

Ever the savvy politician, California Governor  Gavin Newsom has cut a closed door deal with lawmakers, but it is tentative, nothing is firm yet.

The deal calls for millions of Californians to get a rebate check of 350 dollars.

If you have a dependent, you would get another 350 dollars.

If you have a family with 2 parents, and a child, you would get $1,050 dollars.

The money would come from the massive State surplus…taxes you have already paid.

The check could be coming in October 2022, just prior to Election Day 2022…if the deal holds. But this has been cobbled together by politicians, historically not paragons of reliability and honesty.

It’s all tucked into a 300 billion dollar budget  deal which has to be finalized by Friday July 1st, the start of the new fiscal year.

And there are income limits. Elected officials, who themselves are  some of the wealthiest people around California, will be punishing people who have high income levels…those people would not get any rebate check.



A small Green Tree with dollar bills hanging off it, being held aloft in the palm of a human hand. Money Tree. Photo by Alpha Media USA Portland OR