Skimmers Showing Up At ATM’s, Gas Stations Pumps; Card Users Beware

Identity thieves are installing credit card skimmers around the City of Palm Springs.


And according to the Palm Springs Police Department, those skimmers have been installed at various locations around town already.


Police report an increase in skimming devices at bank ATM’s and fuel pumps at gas stations.


Here is what’s going on.


The skimming device is inserted into the ATM, or at the gas pump point of sale.


And the devices can be installed at any location that accepts credit cards or debit cards as payment.


Those skimming devices can read your card when  you swipe it or insert it or tap it on the credit card reader.


Thieves can wirelessly hack your personal information , and a hidden camera in the skimmer watches you punch in your PIN, and steals your PIN.


Worse yet, some of the skimming devices are  virtually undetectable and are installed into the machine in such a way, it  makes it impossible for you or the police to remove the skimmer.


If you suspect a device you are using has been compromised with a skimmer, please contact the business owner or the bank immediately as a technician must be called out to have it removed. If you become a victim of identity theft, call your local law enforcement agency.


Person inserting credit card into ATM

Photo from Palm Springs CA Police Dept