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Casey Kasem was one of the most recognizable voices in radio and television. Millions of fans around the world still find his name synonymous with music countdowns. The easy-going vocal style that was his trademark came about as the result of a station manager in Oakland telling him to change his format from wild, improvised comedy characters – just minutes before he was to go on the air. With only moments to spare and still stuck for a new format idea, he spied a discarded magazine, Who’s Who in Pop Music, 1962, in a trash barrel at the studio. It was full of facts about recording artists – exactly what he needed. That night he began telling stories about the true lives of popular musicians – teased with lead-ins a few minutes before each story was told. This “teaser/bio” format became a familiar part of American Top 40. Casey Kasem airs Sundays from 7am-11am

Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 | The 80’s

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