Wednesday August 10th 2022


All major roads in the desert are open for the Wednesday morning commute on August 10th 2022




All paved roads are open in Joshua Tree National Park.


There is still some dirt and debris on some roads, but park staff quickly cleaned up most of the mess from Monday’s thunderstorms of August  8th 2022.


The Cottonwood Visitor Center will reopens Wednesday August 10th 2022. All facilities and roadways in the northern portion of the park remain open and available for visitor use.


Always check the weather forecast before entering the park. Monsoon rains often cause flash floods that can quickly turn deadly. Turn around and don’t drown during summer storms.


Dirt roads can  be closed with  no notice due to storm damage. Please be alert for tortoises in roadways as they often emerge during  rainstorms.



Road Open Sign from Palm Springs CA Police Dept.