Riverside County Coping With Covid-19 Surge

The Covid 19 case rate and positivity rate have both dipped slightly in Riverside County, as hospitalizations continue to increase a bit.


But considering there are shows, movies, concerts, dining, worship services, all taking place again, the case load is not overwhelming the system locally.


The County does have 645 people in the hospital with Covid-19, 137of them are in intensive care.


The spike in cases now is only one-fifth of the steep jump we saw in cases back in November and December of 2020.


However this current surge in August 2021 is ten times as much  as what we saw in April May and June of 2021.


Riverside County is still holding a steady recovery rate at more than 96%, so the vas majority of people who get Covid-19 in the county are recovering from it.


The death toll of 4,713 people, represents under 1 and a half percent of the 330,327 people who have tested positive for the Covid-19 virus in the past year and a half in Riverside County.



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Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR