Rancho Mirage Observatory To Livestream Moon Viewing Event

Just about had it with all this Covid-19 craziness?

Ready to see how things are doing on the moon?

Well, short of booking a one-way shuttle flight to the great piece of cheese in the sky, you can get a glimpse of the lunar nation while firmly complying with the social distancing now in vogue in your neighborhood.

Local astronomy enthusiasts can catch a closer look at the moon as it enters its first phase on Thursday night April 30th, 2020.

The Rancho Mirage Library and Observatory will livestream the event at 7:30 p-m.

City Astronomer Eric McLaughlin will be operating the telescope aimed at the moon, highlighting volcanic features and impact craters during the observatory’s Swoon at the Moon event to be livestreamed on the city’s Youtube page.

McLaughlin will be livestreaming for about 30 minutes.

The city’s observatory opened in 2018 on the campus of the Rancho Mirage Library.

The observatory’s PlaneWave Instruments CDK 700 telescope can observe objects over 50 million light-years away, according to the library’s website, or objects 3 trillion times the distance between the Earth and the sun.

For more information on the observatory, visit ranchomiragelibrary.org/observatory.html.

The library’s Youtube page can be viewed at


Photo from Alpha Media USA Portland OR

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