The Queen is finally getting a badly-needed facelift.

No, not Queen Elizabeth! How dare you?

The Queen Mary.

The City of Long Beach, California, needs to complete five-million-dollars worth of repairs after consultants determined the iconic ocean liner could sink if nothing is done to repair the ship.

Crews will remove 13 deteriorated lifeboats that have been on the ship since it was built in 1930.

Long Beach officials say the lifeboats are causing stress on the side shell of the Queen Mary, creating severe cracks in its support system, and putting its structural stability in jeopardy.

Permanent pumps will also be installed to discharge water in case of emergency.

City officials say the ship’s former owner, Urban Commons Queensway, neglected to do maintenance for decades.


Photo of the Queen Mary ocean liner in the background, docked at Long Beach CA Harbor.

Photo from Alpha Media USA Portland OR