The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is alerting mountain motorists that a new slip out on the upbound lane of State Route 18 (SR 18) occurred Monday April 25th 2022 near “Red Rock Wall”, which is located between Lake Gregory Drive and Pine Avenue in the San Bernardino Mountains. As a result, all lanes of SR 18 are closed between Lake Gregory Drive and Pine Avenue.

The detour for vehicles will be State Route 189 (SR 189) through Blue Jay.

Be advised that semis, buses, and RVs are restricted from using SR 189 as the detour due to limited clearance. Commercial and oversized vehicles must use State Route 330 (SR 330) as a detour to SR 18 for mountain deliveries above Pine Avenue.

Caltrans is currently activating CMS signs on SR 210 and is in the process of mobilizing portable signs above and below the full closure on SR 18 to alert oversize vehicles to use SR 330 as the detour.

Caltrans is working with Skanska, who is the contractor for the current emergency project on SR 18 from a Director’s Order for emergency work when SR 18 failed earlier this year. The repairs will be made under the same Director’s Order.

The length of the closure is unknown at this time; however, the duration is expected to be several weeks. Repairs will also be made to identified locations on SR 18 in the original emergency contract adjacent to the new slip out.

Motorists are also advised to use SR 330 as a detour to avoid delays on SR 189 or SR 18.



Map of problems on SR-18 near Big Bear CA

Photo from Caltrans