Power Plan In Place For Eastern Coachella Valley

Riverside County is now sporting a new 19 page operations plan so it can deal with power outages in the future.

This comes after last year’s storms knocked down power poles and knocked out power in rural communities on the east end of the valley in February and August of 2021.

But Riverside County’s Emergency Management Department now has a  plan of action when storms hit the area again.

It’s collaborating with Imperial Irrigation District which provides power to the eastern end of the Coachella Valley.

The goals are to protect public safety and infrastructure,  restore power service, and provide the most vulnerable people with food, water and shelter during power outages of more than 8 hours.

That will take a coordinated effort on the part of numerous agencies at every level of government.



Storm damage in North Shore CA August 2021

Photo from Riverside County Supervisor V Manuel Perez.