Polls Close At 8 P-M For Primary Election Day In CA June 7th 2022

Primary Election Day 2022 has arrived in California.

Polls across the State are open from 7 a-m until 8 p-m Tuesday June 7th 2022. Voters in Riverside County will be able to cast ballots at 145 vote centers.

To find a vote center near you, please go to the Registrar of Voters’ website at www.voteinfo.net or call (951) 486-7200.

Or if you prefer not to burn 6 and a half dollar gasoline, just take the vote by mail ballot that was sent to you, fill it out, and drop it in the mail today.

It will be counted as long as it is postmarked by June 7th 2022, and it gets to the Registrar of Voters office by June 14th.

The Registrar in Riverside County mailed more than 1.3 million ballots to voters weeks ago. So far only 178-thousand voters have taken the time to fill out the ballot and send it back.

The tabulating of ballots will continue long after the polls close.

The County is still transporting ballots from vote centers to the Registrars headquarters in Riverside by truck.

Vote-by-mail ballots dropped off at vote centers on Election Day, have to be opened, and unfolded and fed through a machine.  If your ballot has a problem, it’s damaged or it won’t go through the machine or you improperly marked your ballot with a check mark instead of coloring in the circle next to the candidate you want to vote for,  a worker at the Registrar’s Office will have to fill out another ballot for you, though you have no way of knowing if that person is filling out that substitute ballot exactly as your damaged ballot was filled out.

Some races won’t be decided until the General Election in November 2022.  Today’s vote will simply determine which 2 candidates will face each other in November.


Graphic drawing of a ballot box with the word ‘Vote’ on it and a hand sliding a paper ballot with a red check mark, into the ballot box.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR