Come down with the Covid-19 and the medical community will tell you to self-quarantine for 2 weeks and avoid other people.

Pretty handy advice if you live in a cave with no one else around.

Less than practical in the real world where most people live.

You are not given advice on what to take to try to mitigate your symptoms or fight the virus.

But that could change by the end of 2021, thanks once again to the much-maligned Big Pharma.

Pfizer, which has already brought to market a successful Covid-19 vaccine, is confident it could roll out a drug you could take when you get the first symptom of Covid-19.

Oddly enough, it’s a pretty common med now used to fight Hepatitis C and HIV.

It’s a protease inhibitor.   It causes havoc with the enzyme in your body which Covid-19 needs to reproduce.

You would take the drug orally, at home, preventing trips to the hospital.


A sheet of oblong white capsule-sized pills neatly in rows.

Photo from Alpha Media USA Portland OR