Palm Springs Dog Park Remains Open

The Palm Springs Dog Park behind City Hall will be staying open.


Like in years past, The City was planning to close the dog park for six weeks starting October 28th 2022 for annual overseeding and maintenance.


But not everyone in town was thrilled with that idea, especially considering the big push across the valley to do away with the annual scalping and reseeding process…which lowers air quality and uses a lot of water.


City Staff has been meeting with residents in town to talk about finding alternative ground cover to reduce the time needed for reseeding.


So, this year, no scalping, no reseeding at the Palm Springs Dog Park.  Instead, the park will remain open, 7 days a week from 6 a-m to 10 p-m.


Dog, pembroke welsh corgi, running on grass.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR