It is mandatory to wear a face mask in public areas in The City of Palm Springs.


That is the message from city officials, as we head into  Super Bowl weekend and the city anticipates more visitors coming to town to enjoy sunshine and warm temperatures.


The face masks are required due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has plagued the region for nearly a year,


If you are not wearing a mask in public settings, the city will have  Code Compliance Officers on duty, enforcing the mask mandate  around town.


If you don’t have a face mask, the Code Compliance Officer will give you one.


Palm Springs Chief of Police Bryan Reyes says “this is about education, for the health and safety of our residents, visitors and workers, it is imperative that we ensure the face covering requirement is top of mind and that everyone continues to work together to get through this difficult time.”


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Disposable face mask on a table

Photo by Alpha Media USA Portland OR