More Desert Mosquitoes Test Positive For St Louis Encephalitis Virus; Spraying Begins June 1st
Mosquitoes collected from a trap near Madison Street and 60th Avenue in La Quinta have tested positive for St. Louis Encephalitis Virus. This is the first time mosquitoes tested positive for the virus in La Quinta this year.
Disease notice signs are posted in communities located near the trap locations.
There are no human cases of SLEV currently in California. However, due to increased risk, targeted control applications will be carried out.
Truck-mounted ultra-low volume (ULV) applications are scheduled Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, June 1st-3rd. Applications are planned between 2:00 a-m and 7:00 a.m., weather permitting.
The application area is within the boundaries of Avenue 60, Monroe Street, 62nd Avenue, and Madison Avenue. Residents can check the District website for application routes and updated application times at
People over the age of 50 and individuals with lowered immune systems are at greater risk of suffering severe symptoms of SLEV.
A person can get SLEV when an infected mosquito bites them. Mosquitoes are infected when they feed on birds infected with the virus. Most people will not experience any illness. Others have flu-like symptoms, such as fever, headache, and body aches. In severe cases, hospitalization and even death. Anyone with symptoms should contact their health care provider.
“We need people to protect themselves from mosquito bites,” said Tammy Gordon, Public Information Officer for the District. “It’s as simple as using bug spray with DEET or other EPA registered ingredients. Wear long sleeves and pants if you can. Especially if you go for a walk at dawn or dusk. That is when mosquitoes are most active.”
If you need help inspecting or removing water sources, and for more information on St. Louis Encephalitis Virus,  visit
Photo from Alpha Media USA Portland OR