MLB Back On Base; Agreement Reached; Season Saved

After the second-longest work stoppage in Major League Baseball history,  fans will hear the familiar “play Ball” in  April 2022.

Team Owners and the Players Association have agreed on a new 5- year collective bargaining agreement.

There will be a Designated Hitter in both the American and National Leagues.

Doubleheaders will consist of 2 games of 9 innings each, and in extra innings, there won’t be a runner starting at 2nd base.

Teams will play the entire 162 game schedule.

The Los Angeles  Dodgers and Angels start their seasons April 7th.

Spring training begins Sunday March 13th 2022.




Professional baseball player with baseball bat outstretched having just struck baseball during an outdoor baseball game. The batter is dressed in generic white and red baseball uniform with black safety helmet and stands in the batters box in front of spectators and a bright neon sign in a generic stadium.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR