Michael Jackson’s son, Prince, will host the annual “Thriller Nights” costume party at the Jackson family estate on October 29th.

Prince held a Q&A on his Instagram about the event saying, “It’s going to be a fun night to get back together and celebrate the charity, celebrate the work that we’ve done, but also celebrate the life and legacy of my father and all that he’s contributed to the music industry as well as to the month of October with the great song ‘Thriller.’”

“Thriller Nights” will benefit the Heal Los Angeles Foundation which helps “LA’s inner-city youth with co-curricular educational initiatives that will emphasize the value of an active, healthy lifestyle, and provide the tools needed to earn an education,” according to the non-profit’s Facebook page.

Prince says he’s happy to host this year’s event as it continues to build on lessons taught by his father at an early age.