Paul McCartney is looking back at his friendship with fellow Beatle, John Lennon.
In his new book, “The Lyrics,” Sir Paul said, “As with many friendships, there were disputes and there were arguments, but not many.

Sometimes, though, I certainly thought John was being a complete idiot. Even though I was younger I would try to explain to him why he was being stupid and why something he had done was so unlike him.

I remember him saying things like ‘you know Paul, I worry about how people are gonna remember me when I die.’ Thoughts like that shocked me and I’d reply ‘Hold on, just hold it right there.

People are going to think you were great, and you’ve already done enough work to demonstrate that.

I often felt like I was his priest and would have to say ‘My son, you’re great. Just don’t worry about that’.” Sir Paul’s book, “The Lyrics” is out now.