Man Trying to Reunite Dog with Owner Now Getting Date Requests

The sign written with a marker simply said “Do you know this lost dog?”

Last Thursday in Charlotte North Carolina, 40 year old Jason Gasparik found a lost dog.  When he was unable to locate the dog’s owner through lost pet social media pages and micro-chipping,  he took to a street corner for 2 days holding his sign with the dog on a leash by his side. A local photographer in town snapped a picture of the Jason and the dog, it went viral and apparently motivated a lot of women to reach out asking for dates.

“One lady offered to shelter us both!” Jason says he is newly single and taking things slow in the dating department.  But back to the dog…

By Sunday, Jason caught a break when the pooch’s owner, Ed, was driving around town searching for his companion. The chocolate lab named Roxy, immediately recognized him and the two were thrilled to be reunited.   Jason plans to visit Roxy to take her on walks.

Check out these adorable PHOTOS including the one that went viral.  Jason, Roxy & Ed 





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