PETA is giving a  Compassionate Action Award to Sue Harvey, who broke into a vehicle to rescue a dog who was inside that vehicle at the Shops at Palm Desert for at least 45 minutes on a 102-degree day.


That was back on June 1st 2022. Harvey called 911, then borrowed a hammer from a passerby and smashed the window of the vehicle and rescued the dog.


The dog suffered heatstroke with a body temp of just a fraction under 105 degrees.


The dog is lucky it survived.


Anyone who sees a dog in a parked car should take immediate action: Write down the vehicle’s color, make, model, and license plate number, and rush to have nearby businesses page the owner. If they can’t be found, call 911—and if authorities are unresponsive, do what it takes to save a life. California law protects good Samaritans who rescue animals.



PETA Compassionate Action Award

Photo from PETA