Kaufmann Desert House For Sale…It’s Yours For $25M

It’s affordable housing for someone with deep pockets, and might be able to offer plenty of room for people living on the streets, and the Kaufmann Desert House in Palm Springs is for sale.

You can add it to your holdings for a mere 25 million dollars.

It dates back to the mid 10940’s when it was designed by modernist architect Richard Neutra for businessman Edgar Kaufmann of Pennsylvania.

It’s got plenty of glass and steel in its five bedrooms over 32-hundred square feet at the base of Mt San Jacinto in Little Tuscany.

It’s mostly on one level, but has a 2nd story covered patio with an outdoor staircase.

Pool? Tennis Court?  Well of course.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, there’s no sense in depriving yourself of life’s luxuries.

And if you buy it, you can say you owned a home once owned by Barry Manilow, who sold it back in the early 1990’s.



Photo from Alpha Media USA Portland OR

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