Is It Safe For A Summer Road Trip During COVID?

Road tripping could be the safest form of travel this summer due to coronavirus. Even though the CDC recommends for people to stay home as much as possible, some want to get out of the house. What are some recommendations for safety if you hop in the car for a long drive?

The biggest tip is to maintain the standard rules of wearing face coverings, maintaining social distance, and washing your hands for 20 seconds. Forbes recommends a little education. Know ahead of time if where you are going is a COVID-19 hotspot.

Also, find out if the state has any mandatory quarantines. If you rent a car, sanitize the interior touchpoints before your journey for extra reassurance.  Bring as much hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes as you can.

If possible, pack your own food to minimize exposure to others. If you stop at a hotel, go over those high touch areas with your own cleaning to cut down on possible COVID exposure.


Photo from Alpha Media USA Portland OR

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