More than 200 Indio households have received rental assistance during the Covid-19 pandemic through Indio’s partnership with Coachella Valley nonprofit Lift to Rise.


In March 2021, the Indio City Council authorized $645-thousand dollars in Community Development Block Grant-Coronavirus funding.


The money went to Lift To Rise, which had 350 households on a waiting list for rental assistance.


United Way is running a similar program in the Inland Empire.


Lift To Rise is running the program in the Coachella Valley and points east.


So far, more than 2-hundred Indio households have been approved for some type of rental assistance in 2021, through various taxpayer-funded programs totaling 8 million dollars.


Indio renters who have not previously applied for funding through United Lift, or those who received assistance in 2020, can submit an application at to apply for the current round of funding.



Aerial view of City of Indio.

Photo from City of Indio CA