Gasoline Prices Rising In CA For More Than 2 Months

You are paying close to 4 dollars a gallon for gasoline around Southern California, as prices have gone up 53 days in a row, and 73 out of the past 74 days.


The price for a gallon of regular unleaded is now 60 cents per gallon more than it was in March of 2020.


Two big reasons for that, according to the Triple-A Auto Club.


Some components of gasoline have been in short supply and had to be shipped in from overseas.


Also, the deep freeze in Texas caused refineries to shut down, creating supply issues. California picked up the slack and shipped more gasoline to Arizona, the past several weeks, causing prices in California to go up, because demand was high and supply was low.



Man pumping gas into his car, and pulling money out of his wallet.

Photo from Alpha Media USA Portland OR