Gasoline Prices Continue Their Climb

Gasoline prices continue to spike, having gone up 17 times in the past 19 days in Riverside County.


They are just about at 4 dollars a gallon, on average.


If you can pay less than that, consider it a bargain.


Prices for gasoline have not been this high since November 11th 2019.


You are paying $1.32 more per gallon for gasoline now, than you were one year ago.


Gasoline  production  in  California  is down  about 1% from the middle of April 2021, and inventory is down by nearly 4%, according to the weekly report issued  by the California Energy Commission.

The PBF Energy refinery in Torrance and the Marathon Petroleum refinery in Carson also have maintenance outages planned in late April and early May 2021.



Man pumping gas into his car, and pulling money out of his wallet.

Photo from Alpha Media USA Portland OR