The Women’s March L-A Foundation will have protesters in town on Sunday June 20th, 2021 as tourism leaders in Palm Springs unveil the 26 foot tall statue of Forever Marilyn.


The sculpture was very popular when it was in town back in 2012, but has been a lightning rod for malcontents who argue the statue is “sexual objectification of a beloved icon” and “sexist, exploitive and misogynistic” and “has no place in Palm Springs.”


Still after paying 1 million dollars for the statue, and fending off lawsuits and foot-dragging from vocal critics, Palm Springs Resorts is moving forward with the unveiling at 7 p-m on Sunday June 20th 2021, regardless of who complains.


The statue and the ceremony are at Museum Way and Belardo Road, just a block west of Palm Canyon Drive.


There will be a flyover from the Palm Springs Air Museum.



Photo of Forever Marilyn statue when she stood at Palm Canyon Drive and Tahquitz Canyon Way in downtown Palm Springs CA in 2014.

Photo from Palm, via press release