Food Samaritans AAP has received a  grant from the Hebson Family Foundation  to help underwrite nutritional support for dependent children of eligible clients.


The mission of the Hebson Family Foundation is to help improve the lives of children and young adults afflicted with HIV/AIDS or cancer.


Food Samaritans AAP was founded in 1991 as the AIDS Assistance Program,  to help low-income  at-risk members battling HIV/AIDS..


It has expanded to help people suffering from cancer, MS, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses.


The grant will expand Food Samaritans services to children.


Food Samaritans’ program guidelines state that in addition to eligible adults, food vouchers will be given in the same amount to provide nutritional support for children of clients. The amount of the monthly food vouchers is currently $150. Children must live with a parent enrolled in the program and their eligibility is tied to that of the parent. All benefits allocated to children will end when the child reaches age 18.


AAP Executive Director/C.E.O. Mark Anton says the organization is  accepting new clients  who earn less than $19,320 per year and live with a chronic debilitating illness such as cancer, MS, HIV/AIDS, or kidney disease. Eligible people receive grocery vouchers of $150 each month, and those with dependent children under 18 may receive additional vouchers in an equal amount. If you know someone in need, of any age, please urge them to contact us to see if they qualify for our nutritional support program.”


For more information about the program please visit or call 760-325-8481.



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