California has administered  43,994,322  Covid-19 tests since March 2020.


7.58% of the people tested for Covid-19 in California have tested positive. That’s 3,335,926 people. The State has 15,064 new cases between Fri Feb 5th and Sat Feb 6th 2021.


92.41% of the people tested for Covid-19 in California have tested negative.  That’s 40,658,396 people.


California has 43,942 deaths from Covid-19, which is 1.31% of those who have tested positive295 new deaths from Fri Feb 5th and Sat Feb 6th 2021.


California hospitals report 3/10th’s of 1% of the people who have tested positive, are hospitalized, which is 12,476 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the hospitals, which is 661 fewer patients from Fri FEb 5th to Sat Feb 6th 2021.  3,339 of those patients are in ICU, 140 fewer ICU patients from Fri Feb 5th to Sat Feb 6th 2021.


The case rate in California is 47.7 new cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 people, per day. The 14-day Positivity Rate is 6.1%.


40,793,779 Californians, or 99.9% of the state’s population, living in 54 counties, are currently in the most restrictive PURPLE Tier.


However, the State does have 1,300 ICU beds available, and is at 11.7% ICU bed availability.


California has vaccinated 4,650,637 people.



Riverside County stats as of Monday morning February 8th 2021.

Stats are through Friday Feb 5th 2021


On Monday February 8th 2021, Riverside County remains in California’s most restrictive Purple Tier, for Widespread risk of Covid-19 transmission. The case rate in the County is 62.3 Covid-19 cases per 100,000 people, per day.  The Positivity rate is at 16.6%.


Riverside County has administered 2,259,446 tests  for Covid-19 since March 2020, out of a population of 2.5 million.


12.39% of the people tested for Covid-19 in Riverside County have tested positive. That’s 280,170 people.


87.60% of the people tested for Covid-19 in Riverside County have tested negative.  That’s 1,979,276 people.


Of the 280,170 people who have tested positive in Riverside County,

81.58% of them, 228,586 have fully recovered.

16.92% of them, 47,417 are at home recovering.

Together, that’s 98.50% of all the positive cases.  

981 new cases reported in the past 24 hours.

48,318 active cases in the county from Thurs Feb 4th to Fri Feb 5th 2021.


3/10th’s of 1%, of the people who have tested positive so far in Riverside County, 864 people, remain hospitalized, which is 17 fewer patients from Thurs Feb 4th to Fri Feb 5th 2021. 220 Covid patients  are in Intensive Care, a decrease of 23 patients from Thurs Feb 4th to Fri Feb 5th 2021.



The Southern California Region, which includes 14 counties from just south of Sacramento down to the Mexico border, has 0% ICU bed availability. 


Riverside County is at 0% ICU Bed availability, collectively in all 17 of its major hospital facilities.


1.18% of the people who have tested positive so far in Riverside County, 3,320 people, have died from Covid-19. 11 deaths from Thurs Feb 4th to Fri Feb 5th 2021.


Of the 3,320 people who have died from Covid-19 in Riverside County, 2,283 of them have been over 65; 875 have been between 45 and 64.


757 of those deaths have been in the Coachella Valley, which is 22.80% of the County’s total. 0 new deaths in the desert from Thurs Feb 4th to Fri Feb 5th 2021.


666 deaths in cities, 91 deaths in unincorporated areas.



In Riverside County:


There are 2 deaths from Covid-19 for anyone from newborn to age 17.

15 deaths among people aged 18-24.

144 deaths among people aged 25-44

875 deaths among people aged 45-64

1,619 deaths among people aged 65-84

664 deaths among people aged 85 and up.


2,023 deaths are men, 1,263 are women, and 0 are transgender, non-binary or intersex according to county officials. Women account for 39% of the Covid-19 deaths in Riverside County, men account for 61% of the deaths.


Racial breakdown of deaths in Riverside County:


1,516 Latino (45%), 1,174 Caucasian (35%) , 178 Black (5%), 135 Asian (4%), 16 Native American Indian/Native Alaskan,  31 Multiple Race, 18 Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, 252 Unknown Race.


Riverside County has 5,351 cases in nursing homes, with 3,296 cases among patients, and 2,055 cases among staff. The overwhelming majority of nursing home cases, 2,100 cases, are in the City of Riverside.

In Coachella Valley nursing facilities, there have been 372 cases in Palm Desert, 295 in Palm Springs, 188 in Rancho Mirage, 144 in Indio, 83 in La Quinta.


All testing is free to the patient being tested.

Drive-thru testing is available by appointment only at the Riverside County Fairgrounds in Indio  from 9 a-m to 3 p-m Tuesday through Saturday, by appt only. You can also get tested at the Cathedral City Library on Date Palm Drive. Go online to to make an appointment or call 800-945-6171 to make an appointment, and you no longer need to have symptoms to schedule a test.

Go online to or call 888-634-1123 to make an appointment to get tested at the Lozano Community Center in Desert Hot Springs or at Bagdouma Park Community Center on Douma Street in Coachella.

Or call 760-992-0407 to get tested at DAP Health at Vista Chino and Sunrise Way in Palm Springs. Or go to

To get a test through Borrego Health, call 833-624-1097 to make an appointment in Coachella.  Or for a complete listing of Borrego Health test sites in the desert.


Or contact for a list of test sites in Riverside County.


Go to to make an appointment for drive thru testing in the parking lot at the Rancho Mirage Library on Highway 111, which takes place Tues through Sat 9 a-m to 4 p-m.


Also reserve a spot at the drive-up test site at the University of California campus on Frank Sinatra Drive in Palm Desert. Testing there is Mon through Sat 8 a-m to 4 p-m.


To get tested at a CVS drug store in the Coachella Valley, make an appt at Testing available at the following CVS Stores in the desert.


— 82-270 Highway 111, Indio

— 425 S. Sunrise Way, Palm Springs

— 84010 Avenue 50, Coachella

— 42150 A Jackson St., Indio

— 44075 Jefferson St., La Quinta


If you have any questions about Covid-19, call Eisenhower Health Covid-19 Hotline at 760-TEST-988.


It is staffed by registered nurses 24/7 to answer Covid-19 questions.


The Riverside County General Information Covid-19 line is 2-1-1.


California information


Federal information


Rite Aid is doing Covid-19 testing by appointment for people 18 years of age or older. Results  in three to five days.


The Coachella Valley locations providing testing starting Thursday July 16th 2020 are:


 12900 Palm Drive, Desert Hot Springs;

— 51101 Cesar Chavez St., Coachella;

— 47985 Monroe St., Building A, Indio; 


The sites will utilize self-swab nasal tests overseen by Rite Aid pharmacists, and will operate weekdays from 10 a.m to 8 p.m., and weekends from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Patients must provide government-issued ID, and register online at to schedule an appointment.


For vaccine information, go to


Yellow and Red Sign that reads “California Coronavirus, Stay Informed.

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