Everything Staying Open, As CA Extends Facemask Mandate Through Feb 15th 2022

California Governor Gavin Newsom has extended the facemask mandate in California until February 15th 2022.

It applies to anyone inside a building in California.

The facemask mandate  was originally put in place from December 15th 2021 until January 15th 2022.

But now California health officials have extended the mandate until mid-February because of the latest surge in Covid-19.

There are exceptions to the mandate for people with certain medical conditions and the hearing-impaired, along with children under two years old.

However unlike previous months and years, when the State of California forced businesses to close, throwing millions of people out of work, crushing regional and local economies, this time around Health and Human Services Secretary Doctor Mark Ghaly says the state is not considering any economic restrictions.



Group of business people working at the office wearing facemasks to avoid the spread of coronavirus during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR