Dr Fauci Now Says National Mask Mandate Needed

Eight months after the Covid-19 pandemic began and 9  months since he said face masks were not necessary, Dr. Anthony Fauci now says the U.S. needs a national mask mandate to stop the spread of Covid-19.

But Fauci is not convinced it come from President Donald Trump.

The nation’s top infectious disease doctor did an interview on CNBC, and was asked if the U.S. “needs” a national mask mandate.

Fauci replied “yes, if that works, let’s do it.” Dr. Fauci adds mask mandates are likely the only option to slow the spread as the rate of new coronavirus infections continues to spike across the country.

Fauci says he hopes governors and local leaders will implement mandates if it’s not done at the national level because the rate of infections is “going to get worse” because the weather is getting colder.

The response to the coronavirus has been done on a state level, with each Governor setting guidelines and policy in their state.

Several high profile Governors, including Andrew Cuomo in New York, balked at the federal government’s effort to set a national policy for coronavirus response.

In California, Governor Gavin Newsom has set the policy for reopening, forcing the counties to comply, or risk losing their share of federal stimulus money which has been funneled through the states.

Photo: (Alex Edelman/Pool via AP)


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