Riverside County has hired an engineering company to prepare the engineering and final design of a Salton Sea revitalization project in the community of North Shore.


This is the first major project for the northern portion of the Salton Sea, which is in Riverside County..


Dudek Engineering will be designing the North Lake Pilot Demonstration Project.


In a few months, be on the lookout for a public meeting on this matter, and then the County will accept bids from construction companies who want to do the job.


The North Lake project is a joint project of Riverside County and the Salton Sea Authority that will create a deep water reservoir, offset from the Salton Sea by berms, on approximately 154 acres. This reservoir will provide habitat for species, control dust, and create a recreational lake for the public near the community of North Shore. The project is being implemented by Riverside County on behalf of the grantee, the Salton Sea Authority, with $19.25 million in state funding from the California Department of Water Resources.


Information on the North Lake Pilot Demonstration Project is available on the Web page for the project, https://rivco.org/community/salton-sea-north-lake-pilot-demonstration-project.



Salton Sea North Shore artists drawing of proposed marina. Photo from Riverside County website