Covid-19 Vaccine Appts For Week Of March 1st 2021

Make a vaccine appt at


Palm Springs Convention Center

No appts available at the Palm Springs Convention Center on Mon March 1st, Tues March 2nd or Weds March 3rd.


County Fairgrounds in Indio

No appts available at the County Fairgrounds in Indio for Mon March 1st,  Tues March 2nd,  Weds March 3rd, Thurs March 4th or Fri March 5th.



Hundreds of appts are available at San Gorgonio Middle School in Beaumont on Mon March 1st,    Thurs March 4th, and Fri March 5th to get the Moderna vaccine.



No appts available in Hemet on Mon March 1st through  March 5th.


Medical Person with a light blue latex glove injecting the arm of a person with a vaccine syringe.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR

Source: RivCo Public Health Dept./compiled by Gene Nichols