Covid-19 Recovery Rate In Riverside County Is Above 95%

594,404 people in Riverside County have tested positive for Covid-19. More than 95 percent of them have recovered, 566,412.


The death toll is a fraction above 1%, with 6,379 fatalities out of the 594,404 positive case.


115 people remain hospitalized with Covid-19, with 19 in ICU.


Patients who test positive for COVID-19 more than once are only counted and recorded as one case. 


The vast majority of cases in the county are in the age group 25 to 44, but the vast majority of deaths is in the age group 65 to 84.


Nearly 310-thousand cases among woman, nearly 278-thousand cases among men.  But deaths among men are far higher at 3,853, compared to women at 2,459.


The death toll in the Hispanic population is at 1.1 percent, while the death toll in the Caucasian population is 2%.


The death toll in the Black population is 1.3% and it’s also 1.3% in the Native American population.


Among the Asian population, the death toll is 1.27%


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Coronavirus COVID-19 computer generated image.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR