Comparing Arrest Numbers For CoachellaFest & Stagecoach 2022

The scorecards are in and there were more arrests at Weekend #2 of Coachellafest in 2022, than there were at Weekend #1 of Coachellafest 2022 or Stagecoach Weekend 2022.


Here are the numbers.


Total arrests:


CoachellaFest Weekend #1: 112

CoachellaFest Weekend #2: 133

Stagecoach Weekend:  125


But while the CoachellaFest Weekends saw a large number of arrests for drug and alcohol intoxication, 85 on CoachellaFest Weekend #1, and 106 on CoachellaFest Weekend #2,  Stagecoach saw the bulk of arrests, 64 arrests,  for people using false I-D cards.


There were 57 arrests for drug and alcohol intoxication at Stagecoach.



Tattoos on arm of bartender pouring beer from a tap at a bar.

Photo by Alpha Media USA Portland OR