The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is providing updated information for the closure on State Route 18 (SR 18) near “Red Rock Wall” (area of Post Mile 26) in the San Bernardino mountains.


On Friday, April 22, Maintenance crews noticed that a section of SR 18 at the above location was beginning to erode on the lower slope under the northbound SR 18 traffic lane. As a result, the route was closed in both directions for the safety of the motoring public between Lake Gregory Drive and Pine Avenue.


Caltrans Geotechnical engineers are still conducting evaluations that will determine assessments for the emergency repair project within the vicinity of “Red Rock Wall.” Caltrans will be initiating a new Director’s Order for emergency work on SR 18.


Detour: Regular vehicles are advised to use State Route 189 (SR 189) through Twin Peaks. Oversized vehicles such as semi’s, buses, and RVs are restricted from using SR 189 as the detour due to limited clearance. Commercial and oversized vehicles must use State Route 330 (SR 330) as a detour to SR 18 for mountain deliveries above Pine Avenue.


The duration of the closure is unknown at this time; however, the timeline is expected to be several weeks to months. Once final evaluations are made, and the project has been initiated with a contractor, a better timeline will be announced.



Map of road work on SR 18 near Big Bear CA

Map from Caltrans