CA Sending Out Stimulus Checks For $600 To Low-Income Residents & Illegals

Nearly 6 million people in California will be getting a check for 600 dollars from taxpayers in the State.

The “stimulus check” is a one-time payment to help people of low and moderate income deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s all part of a more than 7 and a half billion dollar package passed by California lawmakers in Sacramento.

It includes help for decimated small businesses, food banks and diaper banks.

Governor  Gavin Newsom has added his signature.

So, who is getting the checks from California taxpayers?

Mostly people who did not qualify to get any of the federal stimulus money.  People in the United States illegally will also get a check; In fact some of them could get 1,200 dollars not 600 dollars.

People who are eligible for the money should get it between 45 days and 60 days after receiving their 2020 California income tax refunds.

It’s mostly for people who earn under 30-thousand dollars a year and can claim the California Earned Income Tax Credit on their CA tax return.


Lots of banknotes are flying against white background.

Photo by Alpha Media USA Portland OR