CA Having Trouble Keeping The Lights On…Issues Another Flex Alert

Due to the continued high temperatures, the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) has issued a Flex Alert for all of California for Thursday  September 9th  2021  from 4 p.m. –9 p.m. Here is an ENERGIZED by Edison story with energy conservation tips and a link to CAISO’s news release.

“With above-normal temperatures in the forecast for much of California and the West, the power grid operator is predicting an increase in electricity demand, primarily from air conditioning use. The increased demand can make electricity supplies tight and strain the power grid, making conservation essential,” CAISO noted in its  release.

Southern California Edison is asking customers to reduce electricity use on Wednesday, September 8 from 4–9 p.m. after the California Independent System Operator issued a Flex Alert the afternoon of Tuesday, September 7.

Energy conservation is critical to maintaining grid reliability and service.

SCE recommends that customers:

Prior to the Flex Alert

  • “Pre-cool” homes or lower air conditioning thermostats before 4 p.m. to prepare for the Flex Alert.

During the Flex Alert

  • Set thermostats no lower than 78 degrees.
  • Avoid using evaporative coolers or humidifiers when an air conditioner is running.
  • Operate energy-intensive appliances, such as dishwashers, washing machines and dryers, during early-morning hours. Do not operate appliances or pool equipment from 4–9 p.m.
  • Limit the opening and reopening of refrigerators.
  • Reduce air conditioning and use fans instead of air conditioning when practical.
  • Turn off all auxiliary or redundant machinery where possible.
  • Turn off lights in any unoccupied area.
  • Shift business operations outside the hours of 4–9 p.m.

There are currently no major heat-related outages in SCE’s service territory.

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