CA Assembly Trying To Ban Police From Using K-9 Team To Take Down Suspects, Quell Riots

A California Assemblyman who represents Western Riverside County,  is calling for an end to the use of police dogs to quell violence in the streets.

On Monday February 13th 2023, at the 2-m State Capitol in Sacramento, Assemblyman  Corey Jackson, will unveil his bill prohibiting the use of police K-9’s  to control unruly crowds, makes arrests, intervene during riots, or even apprehend violent criminal suspects.

Jackson’s office released this statement, calling police use of K-9’s “a mainstay in America’s history of racial bias and violence against Black Americans and people of color. This bill aims to end this deeply racialized and harmful practice.”

“Since their inception, police canines have been used to inflict brutal violence and lifelong trauma on Black Americans and communities of color,” said Assemblyman Dr. Corey A. Jackson. “It’s time to end this cruel and inhumane practice and instead work towards building trust between the police and the communities they serve.”

ACLU California Action, a co-sponsor, echoes Assemblyman Dr. Corey A. Jackson’s concerns. The use of police canines has severe and potentially deadly consequences for bite victims, especially communities of color,” said Carlos Marquez III, Executive Director of ACLU California Action. “It’s time for California to take a stand and end this inhumane practice.”

The CA/HI NAACP, a co-sponsor, emphasizes this bill’s historical importance. “Police canines have historical roots in slavery and have continued to be used as tools of oppression for Black, Brown, and other communities of color,” said Rick L. Callender, ESQ., President of the CA/HI NAACP. “With this bill, we can begin to shift and sever ties with the terrorizing past.”

Under the proposal, police would only be able to us the K-9 team for search and rescue, explosives detection, and narcotics detection…nothing that involves the dog actually biting criminal suspects.


Who: Assemblyman Dr. Corey A. Jackson, Carlos Marquez III, Executive Director of ACLU California Action, and Taneicia Herring, CA/HI NAACP Government Relations Specialist.


What: Press Conference – Introduction of Assembly Bill Prohibiting Use of Police Canines for Arrest, Apprehension, and Crowd Control.


Where: West side of the capitol building, on the pathway facing the intersection of 10th and N. (*If you are not in the Capitol, the press conference will be streamed live at )


When: Monday, February 13th, at 2 pm.


A police dog head shot in front of police lights. Dramatic lighting.

Photo from Alpha Media USA Portland OR