The Big Bellies have arrived in the desert.

And no, we are not being smart alecks about your midsection possibly swelling to large proportions in the past 5 months, when a virus pandemic and subsequent government lockdowns turned you into a Covid-19 couch potato, gorging on high-calorie snacks that are likely to cause more health problems for you than the coronavirus.

To be clear, we are talking about the Big Bellies in Indio.

Big Belly…a colorful,  solar-powered trash and recycling bin that opens with a tap of a foot pedal.

They can be found at 20 locations around the City of Indio, including in front of the Loma Linda University Pediatric Clinic in Indio.

The Big Belly compacts the waste and recyclables,  and it is so smart, it will notify Indio staffers via computer when the bins must be emptied.

So, while major events like CoachellaFest, and Stagecoach, and the Date Festival have been canceled in Indio, you can still find some summer excitement…or at least a high-tech, the earth-friendly place to toss your empty water bottle… on the streets of  Indio.

If you venture out in search of the nearest Big Belly, remember to wear a mask, and stay away from everyone else.


Photo from City Of Indio

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