Beaches Opening Around San Diego County; Masks Required Starting May 1st

With temperatures in the Coachella Valley well above their average for April, it might be tempting to head for the beach.

In San Diego County,  you can now go swimming, surfing, paddleboarding, and kayaking in the ocean and surrounding bays.  But you will have to carry your equipment because parking lots at the beach are closed.

And recreational boating is still banned.

Now, each city is responsible for deciding whether to open its beaches, but at least the county is allowing it.

Effective May 1st, San Diego County is going to require everyone who goes anywhere in public, to wear a face-covering whenever they come within 6 feet of another person.

Also, starting on May 1st, some restrictions will be relaxed for parks and golf courses in San Diego County, if they enforce social distancing. Operators of a park or golf course need to create and post a plan for how they will do that.

If they maintain social distancing:

Parks can reopen parking lots, with limitations.

Park visitors can sit, lie down, even have a  picnic if they practice social distancing.

Members of a family or household can play active sports, such as basketball.



Photo by Alpha Media USA Portland OR

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