Ballots In The Mail; Rebate Checks…Not Yet

While more ballots for the June 7th California primary are arriving in mailboxes this week, there is still no sign of any gasoline tax rebate check.

The State of California is sitting on nearly 98 dollars in surplus money, tax dollars taken from you,  which the state has not needed to pay the bills.

Governor Gavin Newsom has proposed a 300 billion dollar state budget, the largest in California history, while the latest proposal for a gas tax rebate check is pegged at a measly 400 dollars.

And we don’t know who might get a check.  Is it for  all drivers, only people who own a gasoline or diesel powered vehicle,  would people who driver an electric vehicle get a gas tax rebate…considering they don’t buy gas.

The rebate might come with income restrictions, so people who are considered wealthy by the government would not get a check at all.



Graphic drawing of a ballot box with the word ‘Vote’ on it and a hand sliding a paper ballot with a red check mark, into the ballot box.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR