Oscars – Warren Beatty And Faye Dunaway Announce Wrong Best Picture

In what could be the worse mistake in Academy award history. Warren Beatty & Faye Dunaway read the wrong winners for Best Motion Picture.

Beatty visibly paused and finally Dunaway said “La La Land” out loud as the biggest award of the night was erroneously announced.

It got worse: What seemed like the entire cast of La La Land had already taken the stage when the error was announced by the director of La La Land himself. What followed was the worse awkward minutes of the show, Beatty retook the microphone to say “I wasn’t trying to be funny,” he went on to explain that they had read the wrong envelope. “Moonlight” was the correct winner of the best motion picture. Sadly the director of La La Land had already been making his thank you speeches and gracefully accepted the error, expressing his love of “Moonlight”.

You can expect the internet will definitely blow up over this incredible live TV mistake. The Oscar after parties are already buzzing about the awkward error.



Bonnie McFarlane is funny. Take a listen! WOW! We can’t wait for this…. Joe Machi stand-up for Monday! John Mulaney is funny…take a listen! Listen Now On Alexa! This is crazy!